Working on your future self

Working at Beeliners means working in a multidisciplinary team on new innovations and prototypes. Your input in the form of knowledge, expertise and creativity is of great value.

A resume says a lot about your past, but we are curious about your future. What are you looking for and what would you like to achieve? And how can we help you?

“What makes Beeliners special is that you work on many different projects in a short period of time, without having to change teams all the time.”

Niels Thomson – Hardware Engineer

“I was looking for a position where I could use all my creativity. I definitely found this position at Beeliners! Here I get the freedom to think out of the box and try new things. In addition, I get the opportunities to keep learning and developing myself in the areas of my interests.”

Esmée Wevers – Marketing Specialist

The benefits of Beeliners as an employer

  • Get time and space to work on your own innovations
  • Engage in hybrid work as you see fit
  • Take advantage of in-house workshop opportunities
  • Get expense reimbursement for telephony and travel
  • Receive salary according to knowledge and experience
  • Become part of the team. Everyone has something to say and matters
  • Work at an ambitious company with growth potential

More than working on innovations

Working at Beeliners is more than just working on innovations. So is having contact with your colleagues. Enjoy the monthly get-togethers, chats over coffee and company outings.

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